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tv   News Center 5 at 1100  ABC  November 9, 2015 11:00pm-11:34pm EST

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breaking news. >> breaking news. a boston neighborhood under siege. buildings evacuated. a suspect surrounded. >> the surprise the police got when they moved in. >> a father killed in a deadly case of road rage. >> the driver drunk before noon. >> rain and wind on the way. the timeline on both and the changes that will follow. >> the little fan who surprised tom brady is going viral. >> breaking news. a violent suspect on the run escaping a stand off with police by leaping out a window. >> a boston neighborhood locked down as officers thought they had them cornered. >> for a couple hours tonight the swat team was surrounding a building here at the archdale houses looking for the suspect from a robbery on friday. they saw him go into the building. out. boston pleas, guns out, arrest warrant in hand.
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after getting a tip at a stabbing suspect inside. in no time they had him cornered in an apartment on the second floor. they evacuated everyone in the building. >> with your forced entry and then the two women and four children out of the apartment. >> no suspect. >> apparently jumped out a back window from the third floor and took off. >> the family taken to an ambulance checked out and released. police do know he is related to some of them but at this hour they have no idea where he is. frustrated he got away but glad. >> nobody got hurt here. we will find this individual and at this point we're very happy nobody got hurt. >> police are still searching for him tonight. everybody evacuated was allowed back into their apartments including the two women and four children that came out of the suspect's apartment. live in robindale, wcvb newscenter 5. >> also breaking tonight this fugitive career criminal is back in a jail cell tonight. he was nabbed outside a hotel
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accused of being part of a burglary ring in new hampshire. he was just granted parole for his role in the 1997 murder of a new hampshire police officer. his friends killed the officer. paul shot at police during the chase that followed. he'll be arraigned on new charges tomorrow. >> an apparent tragic end to the search for a missing woman. a body found in the woods tonight believed to be that of a 67-year-old woman who had #. the death is under investigation. there are no signs of foul play. >> road rage is blamed for a deadly crash. one driver is dead and the suspect allegedly drunk. no stranger to trouble behind the wheel. news center #'s johnatwater is live in foxborough tonight. >> police say this is the second time he has been arrested for drunk driving. the man who was killed had just gotten engaged. >> it's devastating. his first born and i expect him with me but that is not going
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to happen now. >> it is a painful reality for this father who lost his son in the violent roll over. he was an electrician on his way to a job when 67-year-old michael hines who a neighbor identifies as this man allegedly drove him off the road. police say hines was drunk. >> at 10:30 in the morning. that's sick. >> as the truck rolled on 495 in manfield police say haynes drove off and they found him just over a mile away at his norton home where neighbors say police handcuffed him as they performed sobriety tests. >> the flat bed came in to take the truck. the front tire was missing. part of me was like how does he get the truck home? >> just hours earlier neighbors had seen hines outside and they say everything seems normal. >> my son and i had seen him out with his dog before he even went anywhere. he looked like he does every day. >> police say this is hines' second drunk driving offense, which has made the loss even more painful for a family whose sense of safety has been destroyed.
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>> you can't feel safe anywhere anymore. whether at home, at work, at play. doesn't matter. >> it's still not clear tonight what sparked the alleged road rage. there was also a second man in that truck who was hurt but he is doing better tonight. live in fox water john atwater wcvb newscenter 5. >> a cool and quiet night over the city but that is about to change. rain and strong wind on the way? >> it is going to change. it's going to take a little while to happen. now, if you look behind me right here you can see around the nation's capital it is raining. let's take a closer look at that. and try to dissect this a little bit for you. everything is inching closer but if you look real carefully the first patch of rain is moving more to the east than to the north and just how far north it gets and when is still a little bit problematic. i do believe it is perhaps the south coast and the cape that has the best chance of getting some rain tomorrow afternoon or
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boston north may escape the first batch of rain. here's the way it looks tomorrow morning. no problems for your commute. for most of us no problems at lunch time. around the evening commute some rain south of boston can't be ruled out but from the pike north it may stay dry. eventually we'll all get some rain and we also will get some wind on the coast where wind advisory is in effect from 1:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. during the day on wednesday. meantime, it is already chilly and below freezing in some of our chilly spots. tomorrow boston as the clouds thicken, will inch into the 50's right near the edge of the rain around 6:00. most of it should be to the south of boston at that time. the rest of the story coming up in a few minutes. >> look at the top left of your screen and you can see a boston police officer's legs hanging out a car window. he is one of two officers dragged by the suspect. police say they pulled over bryant gilbert for speeding on blue hill avenue last night. the officers reached into the car when gilbert refused to shut it off.
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that's when gilbert is accused of stepping on the gas dragging both of the officers. one was able to break loose. the other one went for a wild ride. >> actually had to hop into the car and then the vehicle hit some parked cars. >> the officers do have minor injuries. gilbert's long driving record includes six license suspensions and four revocations. he is being held tonight on $60,000 bail. >> only on 5 tonight a football player is back on the field with his teammates a week after being stabbed while trying to break up a fight. does he consider himself very lucky? chose. very lucky. he told me this afternoon that he prayed the entire time after he was stabbed in the back and on the hand on halloween night following the playoff when he quarterback. marvin's return to the stadium this afternoon to be at his teammates at practice, he told me he does not know who stabbed
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him after he ran to two of his friends involved in an altercation. he still has stitches in his back and a healing severed tendon on his left thumb. >> i felt it. my immediate reaction was to get out of there as fast as i could. i grabbed my friend and we all ran. >> consider yourself a lucky guy? >> yeah. i consider myself very lucky. i'm really happy to be here today, to be standing here right now on this field talking to you. i appreciate it. >> marvin is part of the high five coming up this thursday. coming up in sports marvin tells us how his life has halloween. we'll see you then. patriots. running back dion lewis is out for the season with a torn a.c.l. after this play against washington yesterday. he had been one of the biggest surprises so far this year. coming up in sports we'll hear from tom brady and his new reaction tonight in just a little bit. >> right now commitment 2016. hillary clinton is in new
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goals for american energy production. >> i want us by the end of my second term to have enough clean energy to power every home in america. and today -- >> the democratic front-runner appeared at wyndham high school town hall event tonight. clinton says she wants to build on president obama's acumen in the areas of energy and climate change but wants to go further. earlier in the day she paid the $1,000 fee to get on the ballot in new hampshire's primary february. >> there is jubilation tonight at the university of missouri after the school president resigns amidst racial strife. you can hear protesters on the campus cheering and reacting to the news when they got what they demanded. the president tim wolf quitting. weeks of protests over wolf's alleged insensitivity to instances of racism on campus cull miep ated in student demands -- culminated in
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which he did, emotionally, this morning. >> my motivation comes from i thought and prayed about this decision and it's the right thing to do. >> the university was facing a possible boycott by dozens of missouri football players if wolf had not stepped down. >> grave stones of our nation's heroes vandalized just before veterans day at pleasant hill cemetery in west bridgewater. this is not the first time. the cemetery has been vandalized four times now and all the graves targeted belong to veterans. this time the stones were moved or flipped over. broken. the cemetery director assures that they will find who did it. >> somebody knows who did it. if kids did they brag to somebody has heard something and the fact that nobody stepped forward to say anything i think is probably even more discouraging. >> families say they hope to have the grave stones replaced by veterans day. >> speaking of our veterans, new at 11:00 local veterans
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have an important new mission. >> healing the painful wounds of war that you can't face. we'll go live to boston with a special alert tonight. >> as we're at symphony hall based program channel 5 is so proud to be a media sponsor. you're about to see why. i once was lost cease's cross fill the symphony hall tonight. named for a friend who died in vietnam these are the faces who made it home and have suffered from the stress. john girard is also a survivor. now a proud pittsburgh firefighter he was badly wounded in afghanistan in 2011. he defied death but found himself struggling to heal from the invisible wounds of war. >> i put the biggest problems i faced away for a long time. disguise.
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finally got help and it changed my life for the better. >> the home base program is a partnership between the boston red sox and mass general hospital. it saves lives. mission gratitude raises hundreds of thousands of dollars so no vet is ever turned away. >> i'm reba mcintyre and very proud to lend my name and my voice to home base. they fought for us now let's fight for them. >> this night was about rallying support for the cause. country music legend reba mcintyre helping bring awareness to the staggering statistics. 2.6 million men and women have deployed to the middle east. one out of three have come home with some level of post traumatic stress syndrome. >> post traumatic stress is the body's normal reaction to being placed in an abnormal environment and frankly it is not normal to be in combat and have somebody shoot at you on a daily basis. if you weren't affected by this i'd be a little more worried. >> mission gratitude raised $1.2 million for the home base program tonight. if you know of a veteran struggling encourage them to
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reach out. the program is waiting to help. live in boston tonight, wcvb newscenter 5. >> what an important mission that is. we hope you'll join us tomorrow night for a special hour long event, actually wednesday night. it's hosted by newscenter 5's randy price, the home base veterans day special will give vets a chance to share their stories and you a chance to help those who have given so much. it's coming up at 7:00 wednesday night right here on channel 5. >> next on newscenter 5 --. >> the little fan who had a big surprise for tom brady. the small act of kindness going viral tonight. >> what goes on in the kitchen of your favorite restaurant? >> a new report card that could have you thinking twice about where you eat. >> not only rain but wind as well. both on the way.
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>> new at 11:00 it will soon be favorite boston restaurants are making the grade. city inspectors will assign letter grades to rate cleanliness and food safety practices for all restaurants and food vendors in the city. they hope to launch a pilot version of the program in early january. new york has used a restaurant grading system for years and newton launched a similar program last night. also new tonight the chip ott lee restaurants that closed in the e-coli scare reopened earlier this week. tests in washington state and oregon found no source for the outbreak. the 43 chipotle restaurants are expected to open by thursday. first they need to be deep cleaned and the produce replaced. 40 people have gotten sick.
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>> targeting is opening doors on thanksgiving night again but you won't have to be in line to get the deals. target says the same deals will be available online on thanksgiving morning so stores will open at 6:00 p.m. thanksgiving night but again they're available online. of course you'll have to head out of state. massachusetts law prevents stores from opening here on the holiday. wish granted. a young cancer survivor on the field spending time with a fairly recognizable face. it's what the first grader did next that caught tom brady a little off guard. >> newscenter 5 has the act of kindness that's gone viral tonight. >> like many kids his age 6-year-old gabriel loves football. tom brady is his favorite player. few kids, however, have a jersey signed by number 12 himself. >> i was definitely surprised. i don't know how many times he's gotten $10 from a 6-year-old but he was
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>> the image has gone viral. little gabe handing the millionaire q.b. a thank you note with a $10 bill after the make a wish foundation made the first grader's wish come true, to play football with brady on the field at foxborough. >> someone gave that to me and to do something good so me and my mom thought we can give it good. >> it was gabe's way of paying it forward asking people to do something good each year. on november 3, gabe's day of kindness he called it, the day he was first diagnosed with leukemia. >> he had a hard couple years from when he was diagnosed at 3 until today. >> brady asked gabe to give him a hug then gave him his word. >> he promised me he would do something good. >> gabriel is on cloud 900, over the moon. he can't stop talking and smiling about it. >> brady gave gabe also a
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a memory to last a lifetime. >> gabe is awesome. >> we could watch gabriel for the rest of the newscast. we'll let you do the weather in a little box in the corner. >> i'm with you. i'd much rather watch gabe. >> he can spike the football. >> very inspirational indeed. you remember back to early this morning especially places how cold it was? boom this afternoon temperatures up around 60. turned out to be a beautiful every day. nines are running wild. nine days in november. every one of them has been above average. we're averaging nine degrees above normal for the month of november so far. how about tonight? boston is 48 but the clouds are still quite thin. winds are light. look at the temperatures that are near the freezing mark from bedford to fitchburg, nashua and jaffrey. norwood and taunton. we still have the chilly spots. now the clouds may thicken up a little bit overnight and the
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the idea is that we have rain on the way not associated with the newest tropical storm. that is called kate and has intensified with winds of 60 miles an hour. but the track of the storm should keep it well east of the east coast of the united states. but we had some rain and wind we'll deal with independent of kate. that's this system right now. the more looking at this, the more it looks like the first patch of rain may stay south of boston. that would be later tomorrow into tomorrow evening. so tomorrow evening's commute we may luck out in boston and points north although the south coast of the cape may have some rain. hears' what i'm talking about with the first pack. it's just nudging along the south coast nearing boston but not really getting here. later tomorrow night there will be some wet weather but it appears it will be early wednesday perhaps that we get our biggest thrust of rain out of this and a couple bursts and that's going to be slow to wind down. veterans day looks like a very wet start and still kind of damp around midday. also going to be very windy and
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rather cool as the improvement probably won't get to boston until the end of the day or the evening. how much rain can we get out of this? really a little tricky especially if we miss much of the first batch. still the chances are about a half inch to a little over an inch with highest amounts likely to be on the coast. there is a wind advisory. doesn't go in effect until 1:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on wednesday. that's when northeasterly winds which will be starting northerly 20 to 30 miles per hour, there can be some gusts as high as 40 to 50. the winds will not be strong early tomorrow. they'll pick up slightly later in the day even into tomorrow evening not out of control or anything like that. but it is really after midnight tomorrow night that a good chunk of wednesday that you'll see some of the gusts could be around 40 miles an hour, maybe even close to 50 down around the cape or the island and winds will demin shall by the time we tibet to thursday. temperatures will reach the 50's tomorrow. back to the 40's tomorrow night. we won't get much of a temperature rise if any on veterans day with the chilly northerly wind that may stay in the 40's.
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here's the way things shape up. we have wet weather coming mainly overnight tomorrow night and wednesday morning and for veterans day just want you to take a closer look at this. very cool and wet start and windy as well and could still be left over drizzle around the middle of the day drying out later in the day. another round of showers is possible thursday afternoon. windy, chilly, blustery weather. more typical of the season coming in for saturday and sunday. we may start warming up again next monday. i don't know how many times or how deep in the season i'll be able tsay we may be warming up again but it still looks like it's going to be the case for early next week. >> we've got an announcement. you might have seen this pop up in your social media feed tonight. doug is a familiar face to many of you and he is officially joining the newscenter 5 team. >> doug has been working in phoenix but is coming home to boston next month to join us on the weekend eye opener so you can see him about a month or so from now right here on channel 5. >> december 14.
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>> comedian amy schumer is saying tonight she is sorry to some new england fans. >> her decision during a show
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>> amy schumer is saying sorry to new england fans who feel short changed. the comedian says she made a rookie mistake by shortening one show in portland, maine over the weekend. schumer says she rushed the first set to accommodate the second show. the first was 35 minutes and the second a full hour and some fans of the first show are now asking for a refund. >> i enjoyed your conversation. >> he was good. it was really -- he was so relieved. >> can he play football again? >> yes he kahn. should they make it to the super bowl which will be the first saturday in diesel' be eligible. >> a severed tendon in his hand? >> his left thumb.
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see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. >> dion lewis is having a breakthrough year in the national football league and now his season is over. m.r.i. revealed what most suspected or feared, a torn acl. lewis went down on a catch and run of a screen pass yesterday with a noncontact tear.
11:28 pm
>> it's a tough one. he was such a dynamic player for us having such a great season so it's tough to replace someone of that caliber. we have some other quality guys on the team that are going to have to step in and fill the void. we saw him today. he is in good spirits. we know he'll come back stronger than ever. we as a team got to keep playing. this is when the teams start to separate themselves. we're in a decent position. we got the giants this sunday in new york which they're always a tough team for us. so we got to be -- try to go in there and win a tough ball game. >> this is wes welker signing a one-year deal with the st. louis rams. they liked what they saw and signed him immediately. it is official. wes walker is a ram. speaking of another former patriot, another bronco, said he didn't intend to do it. if i'm judge judy i said guilty, right? absolutely.
11:29 pm
one-game suspension. he can appeal if he so chooses. now to the red sox. dave dombrowski met with hanley ramirez last night to make sure they were on the same page which means drop at least 15 pounds. don't show up looking like a linebacker. be ready to play first base. ramirez hit .249 last year in the first of his deal. last night he told me he does not know who stabbed him late halloween night. he said he faded in and out of consciousness on the way to the hospital and prayed the entire time. he suffered stab wounds to his back and thumb and today returned where he is most comfortable with his teammates and his friends. >> tell me what life has been like for you since that saturday night, halloween night. >> just been happy about everything. you know? taking everything -- everything has a bigger meaning to it now. everything -- i don't know. i just appreciate things a lot
11:30 pm
even the little things. >> like the wrong guy wrong place wrong time? >> i think that's what it was. >> so happy to see him. they saw him last friday night when they upset in the state tournament and gave him the game ball. he and his teammates will be part after very special high five this thursday night at 6:00. >> in case someone missed it a few moments ago if indeed -- >> he could play. that's what the coach said. >> that is remarkable. >> would be. remarkable, not too long ago a week ago saturday night and here he was on the practice field today walking around doing all the special hand shakes, which i never understand. >> almost like code. >> come over here. harvey will explain it. >> i can't even explain the weather. >> yeah. so you don't think we'll get that wet up here tomorrow morning. >> no problem. tomorrow evening's commute i think perhaps areas south of boston may be wet. boston may sneak through that.
11:31 pm
but eventually late tomorrow night, wednesday morning, it's veterans day. that looks to be the wet and windiest part. >> a lot of rain in the meantime and wind it sounds like. >> certainly with the wind yeah. they'll get the gusts i think 40 to 50 wednesday. >> i notice the trend goes like this and thane little rocket up again.
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